About us

The Boys @ Chaos Collective

Chaos Collective is a new concept design studio based in Bangalore, Mumbai and Mangalore. A studio that provides visual art and creative design solutions, including services such as Wedding Photography, Web Design, AD Films, Graphic Design, Product Photography and more.

The boys behind CC shared the same vision of what makes a great collective group armed with multiple traits. Less ego, more collaboration. Less rigidity, more innovation. Recognizing the opportunity, we came together and joined forces. The rest, as they say, is history in the making.


We work on photography, films, graphics and production. Together hard, dedicated with love and drive with great people. Every day, except on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

No, seriously. We love our work not just the result, but the whole process. The creative part, the production part, everything. The art of motion picture/graphics/production/sound. We love to make it happen.

Chaos Collective was carved out of the idea that digital and analog design can work together harmoniously. A collective of photographers and film makers, with a passion for design, photography and live action, Chaos Collectives maintains a design-led, hands on approach to everything they do.

24 frames per second. One detail at a time.

Vishal VerghesePhotog
Allan OscarDesigner
Arun KoothaduthDirector
Neil QuadrasCEO Capture Crew


How we work

Plan-  Design-  Develop-  test-  Deliver

how we work